Casa Hirka

We invite you to enjoy Casa Hirka, come and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city and reconnect with your senses and nature.
Reserva Ahora!

Story of Casa Hirka

The love for the outdoors and especially for the mountains runs in the family for several generations.

I thank my father Kurt, who used to take us out every weekend since we were kids, for my passion for the mountains. I have been dedicated to mountaineering, randonne and paragliding all my life. Together with my wife we acquired the land more than 30 years ago, looking for a place close to Santiago and at the same time far from the stress and noise of the city.

Hirka means "Mountain" in Quechua and fully identifies our dream of sharing this place with nature lovers.
Over the years we built a barbecue area and a small cabin to spend the weekends with our children, playing by candlelight... what else did we need?
Since 2015 we started to expand and improve the standard of the lodge, preparing it for a boutique lodge, with all the modern and comfortable facilities after years of hard work and dedication, we are proud to present Casa.Hirka with all its amenities and services.

There have been big changes, but the landscapes, the night views, the fresh air and the hospitality remain!
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