To make your trip an unforgettable experience, we offer you some options so you won't get bored. If you are interested in something, just let us know through the contact form.

Time to Relax

At Casa Hirka you can meditate and do yoga, surrounded by nature or relax and spend the day lying down, reading, sleeping or enjoying the view, many corners await you, with hammocks, hiding places full of cushions, shade and tranquility.

At Night

In the evening you can enjoy the spectacle of a starry sky, the rising of the full moon or sit around the fire pit..... and why not accompany these activities with a good glass of wine....

Making Bread

We invite you not only to taste our homemade breads, but also to learn how to make them with your own hands!

If you are interested or never had the opportunity to learn how to make bread, during your stay at Casa Hirka you can take classes to make different types of bread and of course, you will be able to taste it fresh out of the oven. You will see that it is easier than you think.

Cooking Courses

If you are interested in cooking you can participate in cooking classes and learn how to make different preparations, sandwiches, vegetarian and gluten-free food, vegetarian and gluten-free preparations are also available.

Bicycle Ride

If you like biking, you can bring your Mountainbike and ride along the trails that connect with our Lodge. At Casa Hirka we have some bicycles for you to use...

Toys for children

At Casa Hirka, the little ones can also be entertained. We are waiting for them with different games and books suitable for children over 3 years old.

Board games

Casa Hirka invites you to entertain and share through games. Here you will find many board games, a shooting range and our entertaining Taca-taca (table soccer).
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